Volunteer Opportunities

Ocotrara Soccer club is always looking for volunteers for a number of functions.

Hello Parents and Players,

As the Soccer Club continues to grow and evolve, we find ourselves in the position of needing additional volunteers to help us out in a few areas. We ask each Spring and Fall for volunteers on the registration sheets, and we are finding that though we do get help, there are some areas where we need extra help in preparation for the season. We understand that everyone is busy and your time is very valuable, but we are asking for (in most cases) just a few hours of assistance over the course of a season. We need to replace the folks that have moved on while trying to expand our volunteer network. It doesn’t matter whether you know anything about soccer or not and multiple people can work on the same “task”, we will just divide up our needs.
Below are the positions/functions that we need help with. I have most of the tasks and processes streamlined so there really isn’t much of a learning curve involved.
Intramural Program Needs

Joe Corbi Coordinator  – Approximately 5 hours/per season – Staple fundraiser info to Order forms, create team packets, collect the packets from team parent, tally the funds & handle the distribution of the products. Coordinate helpers to set-up and hand out the product at the PLC.  Intramural Director arranges the delivery date.
Order Medals – Approximately 2 hours/per season – Order the medals, receive the medals, and hand out to coaches at their practices.
Equipment Maintenance – Approximately 3 hours/per season – At the beginning of the season, inspect and ensure that the nets are in good shape on the small “blue net” goals & on the small goals on the other field. Help to put ball bags together and pump balls. Handout bags to coaches at their first practice.

Data Entry –  Approximately 2 hours/per season - Once the teams are created by the Intramural Director, enter the players information into an Excel Roster. Template will be provided to you. Send complete file back to Intramural Director.
Board Needs

Club Registrar – Approximately 2 hours/per month. Act as the liaison with our state organization EPYSA to make sure our fees are paid, players are registered and the volunteer clearances are up to date. Also attend our monthly Board meeting which is on the first Thursday of each month. This is a year long term commitment.

 Any questions, email us at oscintramurals@gmail.com