2013 - 2014 Age Group Brackets


Below are the official EPYSA age groups for the 2013-2014 travel season.  Players are encouraged to try out within their appropriate age group.


Parents may request that a player "play up" a group.  We ask that you send a request to the appropriate travel program director before the player attends tryouts.


Players may never "play down" an age group.


Age Group DOB between
U18 (generally 12th grade) 8/1/95 thru 7/31/96
U17 (generally 11th grade) 8/1/96 thru 7/31/97
U16 (generally 10th grade) 8/1/97 thru 7/31/98
U15 (generally 9th grade) 8/1/98 thru 7/31/99
U14 (generally 8th grade) 8/1/99 thru 7/31/00
U13 (generally 7th grade) 8/1/00 thru 7/31/01
U12 (generally 6th grade) 8/1/01 thru 7/31/02
U11 (generally 5th grade) 8/1/02 thru 7/31/03
U10 (generally 4th grade) 8/1/03 thru 7/31/04
U9 (generally 3rd grade) 8/1/04 thru 7/31/05
U8 (generally 2nd grade) 8/1/05 thru 7/31/06