LanChester United Travel Soccer

2017 - 2018 season (Closed)

The tryout schedule for our upcoming year can be found below as well as the tryout registration form that must be filled out and turned in the night of tryouts. Additional details about location, cost, expectations etc etc can also be found within the registration form. We ask that you were a white or light colored t-shirt during tryouts as we hand out numbered pinnies. Tryouts are FREE. Any questions please email us at & put travel tryouts in the subject line. Thanks!

Boys Tryout Schedule

Friday     May 5th     6–7pm  (Birth year 2006 & younger)

                                  7:15 – 8:15pm ((Birth year 2005 & older)

Monday May 8th   6–7pm  (Birth year 2006 & younger)

                                  7:15 – 8:15pm ((Birth year 2005 & older)

Girls Tryout Schedule

Saturday  May 6th  6–7pm  (Birth year 2006 & younger)

                                  7:15 – 8:15pm ((Birth year 2005 & older)

Wednesday May 10th 6–7pm  (Birth year 2006 & younger)

                                    7:15 – 8:15pm ((Birth year 2005 & older)

Travel Soccer Information and FAQs

Please see the information below to answer some commonly asked questions about the LCU travel soccer program.

What is LanChester United Travel Soccer (LCU)?


LanChester United was a collaborative effort between the Octorara Soccer Club and the Pequea Valley Soccer Club that
was created a few years ago to in response to smaller numbers in certain age groups to bolster those numbers to provide teams for those age groups by combining the clubs for travel soccer. Since then we have grown to have players from Coatesville, Downingtown, Avon Grove and Solanco school districts as well as number of charter schools. We want players that want to play and have fun. Where you come from is no matter to us. All are welcome!!!!


What is Travel Soccer?


Travel soccer provides your child the chance to play the game they love at a higher level of competition. LCU travel players receive additional training opportunities with experienced coaches and trainers. 

How does my child join a LCU Travel team?

Travel tryouts are held in April/May each year in order to select teams for the Fall season. Your child must
attend at least one
of the tryout sessions in order to qualify for a team.  Attending all the tryouts gives the coaches a better chance to evaluate the player.

During the tryouts your child will be assessed by the coaching staff as well as independent evaluators. Tryout dates will be posted on the club website in early mid-March.

How long is the LCU Travel season?

Some of our travel teams participate in soccer activities year round.  It is typically up to the coaching staff and age group.  

Summer: Travel practices may begin in the June or July depending on the coach's training plans. During the summer
many teams practice twice per week and typically participate in at least one August tournament.  

Fall: The fall league season usually starts in the beginning of September and runs through the beginning of November. Many teams will also participate in one or two fall tournaments.


Winter:  Many of our teams may practice indoor once per week and/or participate in some type of indoor soccer league or indoor tourments.

Spring:  Depending on the coach's plan, some teams participate in a spring league season and practice once weekly. At least one spring tournament is likely, as well depending on the age.

How often does a LCU Travel team practice?

Typically, each travel team will practice one to two times a week, depending on the schedule and team needs and time of year.  Some teams may run team training weeks during the summer as well.

When are LCU Travel games played?

Games are scheduled for weekends, either Saturday or Sunday. Occasionally, a team could be asked to play both days in one weekend.

How far will we travel for games/tournaments?


LCU travel teams play in the LANCO & DELCO (Boys) and LANCO & PAGS (Girls) travel leagues. These leagues are home to teams from the surrounding counties as well as some teams from our neighboring states.  

What are the costs to play LCU Travel soccer?

The current cost (2017-2018) for is $120 per player, per season plus a uniform $89. This covers registration, league fees, referee fees, field maintenance, equipment etc.  Additional training programs/instruction, team gear, tournaments and winter leagues are the responsibility of each team.

How much pressure is involved with LCU Travel?


While the level of play is higher in the travel program, the LCU coaching staff strives to make this a fun and educational experience for both the athletes and their parents.

How does LCU select the coaching staff?

At this time, the LCU Board reviews all requests to coach and takes into consideration the experience of the applicants, as well as what level license the individual currently holds.  PASC will be strengthening our coaching requirements as we move forward.

How do I know if my child is "good enough" to play LCU Travel soccer?

Bring your child to the LCU tryouts. Tryouts are FREE and a lot of fun.