Code of Conduct


Standard of Conduct for Spectators & Parents


Children as you know, develop differently and at different rates. They react differently to the same pressures. As the Octorara Soccer club we are trying to give young players a chance to have a worthwhile experience. The relationship with the adults must be positive. Our kids are not playing to satisfy your ambitions. Teamwork and effort are as important as winning.


For the good of the game, PLEASE:

  • Applaud superior play by both teams
  • Do not address remarks to referees, opposing players or opposing fans.  This does not apply where remarks are genuine and encouraging.
  • Avoid remarks toward players when they make mistakes.  (We all make mistakes!)  If you are aware of the error, rest assured that the player is also aware of his / her mistake.
  • Give consistent support to coaches, players and referees whether your team is winning or losing.  The coaches are giving many, many hours of time and are committed to their own continued improvement as a coach.  In winning, they deserve your congratulations and in losing they deserve your encouragement and support.
  • Avoid comments and gestures that express disagreement with referee calls.  Prolonged remarks or abrasive disagreement with the referee calls may result in a cardable offense - chargeable to your team's coaches.  Never use foul language.
  • Always sit or stand at least 3 yards from the playing field's touch line - and always on the spectator's side.  Never interfere with the coaches or players unless requested.
  • Please cooperate with any referee or coach's request  
  • All parents, players, coaches & spectators are expected to remove their own garbage after each game and/or practice.
  • If there is lightening and/or thunder, games & practices are to be halted and people moved to a safe area. After 30 minutes, if there hasn't been any additional activity, play may resume. After 2 attempts, play is to be canceled.
  • If you cannot abide by the code of conduct then we would insist that you do not attend our games. The League adopted a policy of withdrawing the registration of a player who has parents/guardians who fail to meet acceptable behavior at a loss of expenses you may have incurred upon joining our team.


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